"What light is to the eyes, love is to the heart."

If Tuscany was a tad closer to New Zealand there would be no doubt that Ria and Andrew would have married there; alas it’s a good 30 hours of flying to get there so they opted to bring Tuscany to New Zealand.

Ria and Andrew’s vision for their wedding day came together so beautifully. Even though the weather looks picture perfect the wind was out of control of this beautiful day on Waiheke Island so plans changed, the ceremony and reception was moved indoors but honestly it did not matter the slightest. They had a heartfelt ceremony and reception and it was incredibly stunning day… are these two not the most stunning humans you have seen?

Enjoy their story and before you ask, that incredible gown is by J’aton Couture.


  1. Jerome

    Stunning wedding, unbelievably great photography. Wow!

  2. Kate Robinson

    Danelle, this wedding is so stunning!!! Gorgeously captured xx

  3. Chris

    These are beautiful.

  4. Stephanie Curtis

    These are amazing!! I can’t believe this is a real life wedding!!! Truly perfect images

  5. AV-PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers in Venice Italy

    Danelle, your work is AMAZING!!!

    Hope a day to work together!

    Good lick
    Vito from Venice italy

  6. Oli

    Si is over here pumping your new site. This is just utterly bananas with a crazy amount of skill and attention to detail. Crazy. You crazy, lady.

  7. Nathan Walker

    I think this might be the most beautiful wedding I’ve seen in a long time. Very refreshing Danelle, thank you. Amazing work.

  8. Andrea

    Truly wonderful photographs which capture the essence of a splendid wedding day in Italy. Framing, moments, portraits and post processing all work perfectly together to transmit a memorable sensation of a very special day.