"What light is to the eyes, love is to the heart."

Sarah and Andy

Jan 11, 2017

We were big fans of Danelle’s work well before we got engaged and locking her in was a priority for us ahead of anything else wedding related. We felt so fortunate to have her on-board for our journey and part of our dream team. Little did we know at the time we’d get the full package of Danelle along with her husband Dirk as second shooter…an awesome pair who integrated themselves so seamlessly into our day. We feel lucky to have shared such an intimate day of ours with two beautiful and genuine souls. Together they captured every moment like a painting that speaks a thousand words.

You only get one shot at capturing the day and we knew we could trust Danelle to do that. It’s the little moments from my Granny’s cuddles to the little kittens that followed us round the entire day. She undoubtedly manages to always capture the raw emotions of the day, unstaged, unfiltered. We love looking back through our photos and reflecting on the day.

We often get asked who our photographer was and people are blown away by the essence of the day Danelle managed to portray through our photos. We can’t recommend her enough – she is genuinely the best wedding photographer around!