"What light is to the eyes, love is to the heart."

Tom and Jess

Sep 11, 2012

I don’t even know where to begin about this wedding, it was absolute perfection. Perfect people who are in love. How lucky that I got to meet and spend the day with this beauty of a couple, Tom and Jess. Everything was just how a wedding should be, genuine, a reflection of who they are, loved ones surrounding them and I can’t not mention their effortless style. Thank you Tom and Jess for being wonderful people I could have not spent an Autumn day any better way. xx p.s how amazing is Jess’ veil, it was her Great Grandma’s from 95 year ago, what a special true vintage touch.

Thank you Jess Sim once again for your company and second shooting skills! xx

  1. Kate Robinson

    GORGEOUS!!! Amazing job Danelle xxxxx