The things I prize most in life remain simple and time spent alongside my husband Dirk and our pup Eddie will forever be my place of safety. Yet of the many things that hold great value for me,  all of them come from the priceless place of connecting with people, be them long-time friends or new faces found on new adventures. Relationships are my not-so-secret recipe for filling days with delight.

Today I’m based on home soil in Auckland, New Zealand and am focused on weddings anywhere they’ll take me. ( I love to travel!) Marriage is something I truly am passionate about. The importance of the wedding day is bigger than just the celebration of love between two people, it marks the beginning of a family. So much of my love for weddings is driven by the emotional complexity present on the wedding day.  From the laughter and tears to the warm embraces and sweaty palms of anticipation, nowhere is there more emotional honesty with so many people in one place. When telling the story of your wedding day, capturing the in-between moments that can be easily missed is just as important to me as everything else. My approach is laid back and I’m able to guide situations and people subtly so they can relax and express themselves naturally. That comfort means those in-between moments are captured with ease as they happen.

You have gone above and beyond to invest in this day; from the venue and decor, hair and makeup, to your dress and the logistics of getting all your loved ones in the same place. I truly value connecting with you to find out what is really important on your wedding day. Taking this time with you allows me to keep my priority of the day being the quality of your photographs.  Your wedding day should be nothing short of magic and it is my full intention to give you photographs to hold that will bring back the immense feeling of the day itself for years to come.

things i like
  • Rue De Seine

    The most beautiful wedding dress designer that is based out of New Zealand but captivating the world, completely lucky to call Michele a friend.
  • New Zealand

    New Zealand is not only one of the most amazing places on earth it is also home for me. Follow me on Instagram to see more beautiful scenery.
  • Leaf and Honey

    Naomi at Leaf and Honey has to be my favourite florist in town, if you are New Zealand based do be in touch with her if you want some outrageously amazing florals.
  • The Free Store

    Friends, Ben and Elise run a non-profit organisation that daily redistributes good quality food to those that are in need of it in Wellington.I love supporting them.
  • My family

    This is my family, he is my family. The day Dirk and I got married. Images taken by Nordica Photography
  • Together Journal

    My dear friend Greta has produced an amazing wedding magazine that is a complete game changer in NZ , follow the link to grab yourself a copy.