Creating timeless images that capture the unhindered connection between two souls and those who surround.


One thing I know for sure, amongst the ebbs and flows of life, tragedy, celebration and uncertainty; Love truly prevails.

You may be on the journey of planning a wedding for the first time as a newly engaged couple or trying for the third time due to plans going out the window, but I am so glad you have found your way here in the hopes I could be the person to capture your love and celebration effortlessly.

After twelve years and more than 300 weddings later it’s been the greatest privilege to bear witness to a whole lot of matrimonial bliss. The same thing still drives me today as it did when I started; creating timeless images that capture the unhindered connection between two souls and with those who surround.

After becoming a mother three years ago, these connections resonate with me more deeply than ever, it’s shown me that love has no bounds and the memories we create as a family are without doubt my most prized possession in life, for me the true essence of humanity.


I consider myself a sensitive soul. I am often intrigued that my sensitivity is such a strength and yet at times my greatest weakness. My reaction to stark light, overbearing scents in a confined space or a T.V blaring in the background of a home that is meant to be a haven, a sensory overload. In contrast, when I am immersed in the beauty of nature my soul is restored, sitting in the corner of a dimly lit bar on a rainy evening with my husband spirit energised, or perhaps nuzzling into my wee son’s neck breathing in the essence of him, it is these moments that make my heart feel alive and deeply present to the beauty in that moment. These experiences no matter how fleeting have taught me to embrace my sensitivity and allow it to flow into the many facets of my life including my photography. It is this deep knowing that has shaped my work and allows me to document the most intimate, profoundly beautiful and deeply moving moments that can sometimes go unnoticed. It is the essence, the very core of the imagery that I create.
My family
In Solitude
Kari Foundation
The Everleigh
Pierce & Ward
My husband Dirk and my son Albie. I don't often show too many images on my social channels but every now and then I will share updates. They are my world.
The fragrances, candles and the in store experience that Tiffany has created at Curionoir is without doubt soul moving. The finest in Aotearoa and you will always find one of her candles in my home.
In Solitude. A series of limited edition floral prints photographed in collaboration with my talented friend and florist Naomi of Leaf and Honey.
A beautiful initiative that we love to support that give a better and brighter future to the indigenous people of Australia.
The place where you will find us on a perfect rainy evening with our favourite cocktail in hand. Our go to spot to start or end our date nights in Melbourne.
If I wasn't a photographer, this would be my next career dream; working for Pierce and Ward. These two women are absolute visionaries when it comes to interior design and inspire me daily.


Despite looking so serious in my photo, I’m actually quite the opposite. I’ve had to learn to laugh at myself because if you take life too seriously it becomes an uncomfortable place. I’m passionate about all things old, I think it comes from being raised in South Africa where history was very important to our people and old stories were often shared around the fire. My love for stories is what led me to documenting and creating today, I hope to create something that’s good enough so it can be shared time and time again. That is after all how we measure quality, if it lasts long it’s often because it’s remarkable. I hope to create something that does just that for you.

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