"What light is to the eyes, love is to the heart."

Jen and James

Jan 11, 2017

My wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life. How do you even begin to capture the way you feel; the excitement, the butterflies, the details you spend so much time creating and dreaming about.  When I look at the photographs of my wedding I feel all of those feelings again; those memories are absolutely priceless.

Danelle and her husband Dirk are a talented and creative team, there is no stress, no barking orders, they feel like old friends who are just happily snapping away. They are both extremely professional and in all my dealings with them I knew I could trust them to deliver some amazing photographs no matter what! Danelle even skyped me all the way in Broome years away from my wedding to answer my questions and just chat. It is this personal connection Danelle makes with all of her brides which I feel really shines through in her photographs and is present before and even after your wedding day.

When I look at my wedding photographs I don’t just see beautiful pictures, I feel the love that I was surrounded by on that day, the human connection, emotion and joy which makes every wedding unique and special. Even the most ordinary everyday scenes of home on my wedding day appear charmed, and have at times moved me to tears.

Danelle and Dirk you guys are the best, and I speak on behalf of James and our families that we wouldn’t trust anyone else to capture these monumental life moments. Thank-you for not just documenting a special day but for capturing the magic.